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Dairy Industry

We have been involved in the Dairy Industry in Malawi for over 15 years and have built up a wide network of suppliers across the globe. Supplying everything from the machinery required for a dairy plant through to the packaging for yoghurt tubs, we are able to source anything you require. 

Interior Design & Furniture Sourcing

With an in-house interior designer employed at Grindlay Export Corporation we are able to assist with both residential and commercial designs. Our service offering includes designing, sourcing and supplying the required items to the client. With experience in the United Kingdom, Dubai, South Africa and Malawi, our design team is sure to create something unique and spectacular

Textile Industry

The management and family of Grindlay Export Corporation has been involved in the textile trade since the early 1900's. As a result, a local textile trading company called Grindlay Fabrics was formed. They foucs mainly on the distribution of upholstery textiles throughout Africa. Together both companies are able to collaborate to meet all your textile requirements. Click here to visit their website. 

Healthcare Industry

During the COVID-19 Pandemic a need was seen for good quality healthcare equipment at prices that were not exorbitant. As a result Grindlay Laboratories was set up with the intention of servicing the African market. Mostly dealing with NGOs both in South Africa and elsewhere in the region, we look to make healthcare equipment affordable to all. Click here to visit their website. 

Fragrance Industry

Smell is the primary sense in the food and baking industry and as a natural extension of our product offering we are involved in the fragrance market. We are able to match scents that are currently in the market or look to develop new scents that are specific to a client. We are currently involved in the personal care and hygiene industries where fragrances we have developed are are currently used. 

The above markets represent those that we are currently involved in both in Malawi and the larger African region. However we are able to assist in sourcing and supplying items for any industry. Being the fastest growing continent, we feel that the future is Africa and we want to play an active role in that future.  

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